Quantity Surveyor Services

Project Quantity Surveyor Services
  • Value Management

  • Development Appraisal

  • Feasibility Reports

  • Preliminary Budget Forecasting

  • Insurance Replacement / Repair Cost Estimates

  • Consultants Fee Proposals Evaluation & Recommendation

  • Environmental Sustainable Development Analysis

  • Cost Planning

  • Construction Funding Finance Reports

  • Forecast Programming & Tracking Reports

  • Bills of Quantities

  • Builders Quantities

  • Subcontractor Quantities

  • Estimating Services

  • Tender Preparation, Evaluation & Negotiation

  • Contracts Management Consultancy

  • Progress Payment Drawdown Valuation Reports

  • Cost to Complete Reports

  • Final Accounts Audits

  • Cost Verification & Comparison Reports

  • Distressed Project Reports

  • Expert Witness Reports for Courts

Adjudication Submissions

Preparations of properly made relevant Payment Claims / Payment Schedules support for Adjudication Applications / Adjudication Responses, submissions and replies as required, including Payment Withholding Request Forms (NSW).  


All pursuant to the strict jurisdiction and timeline requirements of the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 (Qld)​ and Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW).  


Pragmatic Proactive Solutions: Coefficiently create Client Templates to support Payment ClaimsPayment Schedules in order to implement valid Adjudication Applications / Adjudication​ Responses, submissions and replies for all future contracts.

Contract Risk Reviews

For all contract types:

  • Statutory enforceable written or oral, or partly written and partly oral

  • Amended AS2545, AS2124, AS4901, AS4000, AS4903 & AS4902

  • Industry Standard Forms: Tiers 1 to 3 including Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC)  

  • Various Deeds: novation, indemnity, guarantee, warranty & releases

  • Various Agreements: supplier, creditor, labour, transport, insurances, EBAs, management and consultancy

Identify risks to payment, specific performance & remedies due:


  • Correlations with tender sum

  • Excepted risks for defects in design / documentation / programme

  • Statutory void provisions

  • Statutory protections & rights, generally:

    • Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 (Qld)

    • Queensland Building Construction Commission Act 1991

    • Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018 (Qld)

    • Civil Liability Act 2003 (Qld)

    • Professional Engineers Act 2002 (Qld)

    • Qld Code of Practice for the Building and Construction Industry 2000

    • Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW)

    • Contractors Debts Act 1997 (NSW)

    • Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)

    • Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth)

    • Building Code 2016 (Cth)

  • Relevant impacting case law decisions

  • Proposed amended contracts c/w equitable special conditions

  • Commercial negotiating terms

Pragmatic Proactive Solutions: Coefficiently create Client Templates to avoid unconscionable & unfair contract terms entrapment in order to limit or negotiate out their costly effects for your future contracts.

Procurement & Tender Due Diligence

Identify procurement & tender risks from entities; estimating productivity; and inclusions / exclusions diligence for commercial negotiations and bid winning:  


  • Tendering to entities risk analyses

  • Avoidance of entrapment by a "Phoenix Company"

  • Subsidiary Limited Recourse RiskDebtor Opportunism Risk

  • Proactive risk averse identification

  • Building Code 2016 (Cth), Qld Code of Practice 2000 & AS4120 Code of Tendering statutory protections & rights

  • Tender documentation controls

  • Procurement & tender methodologies including alternate cost effective onscreen take-off & estimating software

  • Scope of works & programme due diligence  

  • Value Management analysis for buildability cost saving alternatives for winning tenders

Pragmatic Proactive Solutions: Coefficiently create Client Templates to avoid "Losing the Job by Winning the Tender". Recognise value adding buildability, time, cost & quality opportunities to increase mutual consideration offer.

Cost Analysis Reports

Identification of risks for property owners & developers in receipt of unsupported unquantified payment & extension of time (EOT) claims or otherwise support valid set-off claims against debtors:


  • Quantifications of variations, delay, disruption & set-off costs

  • Assessments of EOT & liquidated damages claims

  • Progress claim certifications for payment schedules

  • Claimant cost to complete reports

  • Dispute appraisal & Quantum Meruit claims assessment

  • Joint Party Coefficiency Cost Reports to resolve disputes quickly & economically under Consensus ad Idem (meeting of the minds)

  • Claim submissions for property owners under Schedule 1B Domestic building contracts of the Queensland Building Construction Commission Act 1991

Pragmatic Proactive Solutions: Provide independent quantity surveyor cost reports for mutual consideration outcomes between parties to avoid or resolve costly time consuming disputes.  Alternatively, if inevitable, provide Litigation Support to client's legal consultants.

Prolongation & Damages Claims

Identify risks due some debtors consistent lack of overall coordination, lack of direction, defects in programming and failure to integrate the Contract Works into debtors Construction Works Programme, inherently inflicted upon contractors, suppliers, property owners and developers:  

  • Identification of contractual and / or statutory delay claims c/w costs entitlements

  • Client specific delay / disruption codifications for simple site workface timely reporting

  • Proactive Real Time Reporting delay notice & EOT claim solution email templates

  • Excepted risk claiming for incurred out of sequence & acceleration costs, deliberately withheld issues of debtors Construction Works Programme or issued c/w defects in programme design

  • Statutory delay damages claim quantification pursuant to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)   

  • Programming analysis causation of prolongation claim costs for Litigation Support following The Society of Construction Law Delay and Disruption Protocol (UK), recognised by Supreme Court decisions in Vic. (2006), SA (2012) & Qld (2017)


Refer to the current February 2017 2nd edition of the Protocol which can be accessed from its website at


Pragmatic Proactive Solutions: Coefficiently create Client Templates to remedy or negate contractual timebar restrictions, claim incurred costly delays and quantify counterclaims to unconscionable liquidated damages or delay damages claims.

Contractor / Supplier Operations Risk Reviews

Identification of risks within existing subcontractor and / or supplier operation systems impacting on supporting documentation and relevance for submitting properly made payment or set-off claims:

  • Review of all Site Collateral for inclusion on the Personal Property Securities Register for debtor insolvency risk  

  • Review of documentation & communication hard copy / electronic systems with alternate software solutions

  • Reporting inefficiencies between operations & workfaces c/w alternate document management software solutions

  • Offsetting SWMS / JSEAS liabilities to responsible entity accountability

  • Resource levelling programming controls

  • Time management costly reactive versus proactive analysis

  • Workface Identification methodology of scope versus variation work

  • Unclaimed variations leakage 

  • Accurate & timely job cost reporting

  • Site management recording & submissions of time sheets, pre-starts, safety toolbox reports, day works sheets, QA / inspection test plans / reports and diary notes for notices and claims support

  • Toolbox talks for feedback for delay, disruption, damages & unconscionable conduct claims  


Pragmatic Proactive Solutions: Coefficiently create Real Time Reporting email Client Templates and investigate alternate software to enable simple efficient information collections & reporting between operations & workfaces, for timely claim processing by contract administration to support valid payment or set-off claims and debt recoveries for accounts.

​Quantity Surveyor SWOT Analyses

Pragmatic Cognitive Work Analyses of a contractor and / or supplier internal contractual claim chain from operations to tender, to workfaces, to contract administration, to accounts, to payment recoverable and received.


Identify Pre-Contract & Post Contract Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (SWOT) risk analyses provided within a simple Matrix Form Report for a client's consideration:


  • Pre-Contract Risk
  • Procurement & Tender Due Diligence

  • Contract Risk Reviews

  • Contractor / Supplier Operations Risk Reviews

  • Estimating tools accuracy, productivity & alternative cost effective onscreen take-off & estimating software

  • Tender productivity & time management

  • Tender change management for tender addenda & lump sum variations

  • Contract / Supplier agreement entrapments within tender meeting minutes and invitations / registrations to tender

  • Negotiations of proposed contract scope of works cost increases versus tender sum scope of works

  • Negotiating out incurred risk offset of debtor Construction Works Programme, overall co-ordination & site facilities cost impact liabilities versus tender sum allowances   

  • Post Contract​ Risk
  • Tender handover to operations, contract administration & accounts

  • Contract documentation revision control & transparency c/w alternate document management software options

  • Time management costly reactive versus proactive analysis

  • Clear intent direction identification, format & quantification of variations and payment claims

  • Negating deliberate unconscionable & absurd condition precedent claim complexities c/w draconian timebars

  • Identify, record and monitor potential claims & disputes including waiver & estoppel

  • Establish claim entitlements and accurate data collection records c/w methodologies relevant to a claim or dispute

  • Monitor & review efficient processes based on various contractual terms / statutory provisions

  • Prolongation & Damages Claims 

  • Provision of oral & formal advice of completed Coefficiency risk analysis as required by the client 

Pragmatic Proactive Solutions: Coefficiently working as an outsourced In-House quantity surveyor for a set limited time within a client's contractual claim chain at operational facilities, head / branch offices, production facilities and / or site offices. 


Providing quantity surveyor services for mentoring estimators & contract administrators in extra skills & knowledge on contracts, statutory rights & protections, claim submissions, contractual correspondence, documentation management control, delay tracking and interoperability with operations and accounts.


Recommend implementable solutions to enable simple, efficient, effective information collections and reporting between operations, tendering, workfaces and contract administration.  


Culmination of formulating timely claim processing via Real Time Reporting email Client Templates and software by contract administration for supporting valid payment or set-off claims to enable accounts payment received or recoverable.

Quantity Surveyor Claims Consultancy

Quantity Surveyor consultancy for clients on clear format and quantification submissions for recovery of outstanding valid payment or set-off claims c/w accruing statutory late payment interest.


Support for available options to pursue Debt Recovery Negotiation via Consensus ad Idem, suspension of work / supplies, applications for Adjudicated Amounts as judgement debts c/w enforcements, all so as to avoid time consuming and costly litigation.


Formulation for Notices of Claim of Charges pursuant to the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 (Qld) for debtor insolvency risk, where adjudication option is ineffective.  Likewise, pursuant to the Contractors Debts Act 1997 (NSW) prepare Debt Certificates for enforcing an adjudication certificate under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW).


Provide Litigation Support for client's legal consultants including monitoring legal consultants advice and costs to expedite settlement of litigation:

  • Debt Recovery Negotiation
  • Cost Analysis Reports

  • Review existing unpaid payment or set-off claims as to relevance, documentation and if properly made, and provide support as required 

  • Provide advice on strategy options to enforce unpaid payment or set-off claims pursuant to statutory protections & rights, including suspension

  • Negotiation notice of unpaid properly made payment or set-off claims c/w request for Consensus ad Idem

  • Notice to debtor to avoid estimated pending costs for enforcing statutory entitlements for outstanding payment or set-off claims

  • Consensus ad Idem timely commercial negotiation resolution by a mutual agreed quantity surveyor   

  • Adjudicated Amounts


  • Notice of suspension rights for non-payment

  • Application for adjudication certificate

  • Application for filing adjudication certificate as a judgement debt for listing on a debtor's credit file report

  • Applications for judgement debt enforcement options such as: 

    • Enforcement hearing summons of debtor statement of financial position

    • Enforcement warrant redirection of debtor debt / earnings

    • Enforcement warrant seizure & sale of debtor property via a court bailiff  


  • Subcontractor Charges


  • ​Preferential Subcontractor Charges as opposed to adjudication, due to likely insolvent debtor / Phoenix Company 

  • Notices of Claim of Charge on monies & retention payable to subcontractor or supplier, as a priority secured creditor

  • Strict time limits c/w technical and substantive verification requirements certified by an independent Qualified Person

  • Opportunities for Debt Recovery Negotiation in lieu of time consuming & costly litigation commencing after 1 month of service of Notice of Claim of Charge on debtor

  • Likewise, Debt Certificate applications and enforcements pursuant to Contractors Debts Act 1997 (NSW)

  • Litigation Support

  • Statutory & contractual strategy advice on a payment or set-off claim's strengths & weaknesses prior to entering litigation

  • Time, cost & quality considerations to support claim prior to entering litigation

  • Claim research, preparations and submissions of evidence to client's legal consultants

  • Supporting client's directions to client's legal consultants

  • Monitoring client's legal consultants advice and costs pursuant to the Legal Professions Act 2007 (Qld) or Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Act 2014 (NSW)

Pragmatic Proactive Solutions: Coefficiently create Client Templates to format, quantify and support unpaid valid payment or set-off claims for commercial Debt Recovery Negotiation.  Support client for Adjudicated Amounts applications for judgement debts c/w enforcement options, so as to avoid costly & time consuming litigation.


Review and support unpaid payment claims including retentions for optional valid notices of Subcontractor Charges for submissions due debtor insolvency risk or likewise under the Contractors Debts Act 1997 (NSW).


Alternatively, if inevitable, provide Litigation Support for Client's claims when engaging legal consultants, including maintaining the focus on timely & economical resolution for all participants.

MAXIM STATEMENT: "Well Done Means Quickly Done" versus "More Haste Less Speed" Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus. Classical Source:The Twelve Caesars by Suetonius 121 CE