Quantum Estimating Adjudication Consultant Quantity Surveyor Gold Coast

Quantity Surveyor & Adjudication Consultant for

Contractors, Suppliers, Consultants, Builders,

Property / Business Owners & Developers


Director since 1996

Bachelor of Applied Science (Quantity Surveying) – First Class Honours

Adjudicator Registration No. J73571 Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 (Qld)​

Consultancy Services:

Quantum Estimating provides a unique consultancy for clients that few quantity surveyors with contractor site experience can offer with over 25 years Gold Coast quantity surveying experience, Adjudication Submissions and BIF Act Registered Adjudicator experience.  


Offering Project Quantity Surveyor Services to property owners & developers to add project value and monitor costs, and specialise in Adjudication Consultancy solutions to all clients, especially to contractors & suppliers to win bids, prevent losses, protect and recover payment claims.   

Project Quantity Surveyor Services:


Quantum Estimating have been providing traditional quantity surveying services for Tier 1 Infrastructure Civil Contractors, property owners and developers for their projects of any type or size from idea inception through to checking final accounts.  

Commencing with Value Management inputs throughout your project via evaluations and recommendations of consultants fee proposals, bills of quantities, estimating, contractors tenders, contract conditions, cost to complete reports and ending with final accounts audits. 


Providing a quantity surveyor's role acting in the best interests of clients by providing sound timing and costs advice by value adding to projects from concept design to marketing.  


This involves rigorously checking all cost implications every step of the way, and empowering clients with options to increase Return On Investment at every opportunity.


Quantum Estimating also ensures that project risk is minimised by enabling clear contractual intent and obligations from all stakeholders to projects.  Contract Risk Reviews, Procurement & Tender Due Diligence is applied along the contractual chain to reduce the need for Cost Analysis ReportsProlongation & Damages Claims services.


Aiming to also limit involving specialised Adjudication Consultancy & Quantity Surveyor Claims Consultancy to resolve disputes and to create project efficiency, improved productivity and goodwill for future projects.  

Adjudication Consultancy:


Available as an In-House quantity surveyor consultant to Contractors & Suppliers experiencing the ever increasing unfair risk offsetting passed down the contractual chain, Quantum Estimating's solution is to work  in cooperation & joint efficiency with all clients offering Adjudication Consultancy c/w Quantity Surveyor Services to resolve payment disputes.  

The 'BIF Act' coupled with the current ‘Innovation Disruption’ via ‘Real Time Reporting’ technological changes to the construction & infrastructure industry will require proactive coefficient ‘Turnaround and Restructuring’ for all contractors, suppliers, consultants, builders, property owners and developers to adapt, survive and expand.

Innovation Disruption is already happening:– being driven by its human element of decision making, always bound by a valid contract claim and subject to current law.

The solution in meeting the 'BIF Act' (with new adjudication procedures commenced on 17 December 2018), coupled with Innovation Disruption involves creating Pragmatic Proactive Solutions as a value adding business investment to improve competitiveness and profitability.


The "3 measures one cut" maxim learnt as an onsite contractor is to minimise risk proactively.  Therefore, existing hard copy & electronic reporting formats for supporting payment or set-off claims need to be analysed in terms of efficiency to prevent losses occurring, i.e. "a good tradesperson never blames their tools unless they're redundant, outdated or uncompetitive and need replacing".


Solutions are created from Contractor / Supplier Operations Risk Reviews (adaptable for all clients) which is where a claim commences before the workface, followed by all other Quantity Surveyor Services where needed.

Reinforcement of existing reporting formats via Real Time Reporting email "Client Templates" to accurately & efficiently collect, protect and maximise returns to enable properly supported current & future unpaid valid payment or set-off claims.  


Undertake due diligence of alternate cost effective document management, onscreen take-off and estimating software in the market, suitable for particular business needs.


Pre & Post Contract Risk SWOT Analysis offers an outsourced In-House quantity surveyor working with the client daily identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats throughout client business operations through to recoverable payment.  An approach a client's costly legal consultant neither has the contractor experience, qualifications or skills to provide.

These solutions go well beyond the typical reaction of engaging professional or legal consultant's advice to claw back uncertain unpaid claims at an exorbitant cost, compared with being proactive with client payment or set-off claim at a fraction of the cost, whilst improving efficiencies In-House.

Existing unpaid valid payment or set-off claims are Coefficiently reviewed for strategic options for probable costs & time for debt recovery, and then provide relevant claim preparation support from Debt Recovery Negotiation, Adjudication Amounts or Subcontractors Charges through to Litigation Support.

Quantity Surveyor & Adjudication Consultancy available to the following:

Client Overview

  • Contractors - Labour / Plant Only or Supply & Install

  • Suppliers - Base Materials, Prefabrication or Manufactured

  • Property Owners - Residential, Commercial & Industrial

  • Developers - Residential, Commercial & Industrial

  • Infrastructure, Industrial & Civil Works Contractors

  • Building Contractors / Business Owners

  • Offshore Suppliers for Qld / NSW Construction work

  • Building Cleaning / Industrial Maintenance Contractors

  • Property Investors - Residential & Commercial

  • Facilities and Body Corporate Managers

  • Insurance Loss Adjusters

  • Insurance Policy Holders

  • Design & Service Consultants

  • Environmental Sustainable Developers & Consultants

  • Statutory Authorities

  • Administrators, Creditors, Receivers & Liquidators

Subcontractors & Suppliers

  • Clearing / Demolition, Piling & Earthmoving

  • Steelfixers, Formworkers & Concreters

  • Structural Steel Fabricators, Rigging & Cranes

  • Scaffolders, Plant / Material Hire Contractors

  • Brick, Block & Stone layers

  • Metalworks, Glazing & Facades

  • Roofers, Membranes & Applied Finishes

  • Carpentry & Joinery including Shopfitting

  • Plastering, Insulation & Suspended Ceilings

  • Waterproofers, Tiling & Floor Finishes

  • Plumbing & Drainage

  • HVAC, Lifts & transportation systems

  • Electrical, Fire Protection & Communications

  • Specialised / Industrial equipment installations

  • Fencing, Paving & Landscaping

  • Painters, Decorators & Window Furnishings